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to kennedy to cover up theft through fraud of the 1948 senate election and to cover up his financial wheeling dealings with billy solastas. murder was in his repertoire. he had a hit man named malcolm wallace. his finger prints were found on the sniper -- >> on the records. >> the dallas police find a finger print from malcolm wallace, a johnson retainer on the card booed box in the sniper's nest in the repository. wallace is the shooter. >> what about lee harvey oswald? >> when he says i'm a patsy. >> in your book you talk about how l.b.j. pretty much ran that state and town? >> he had control of the dallas police department, he had control of the dallas county sherrif's office. he had control of the dallas county prosecutor. this is why robert kennedy sent a message to the russians after his brother's murder saying dallas was the perfect place for the crime. >> there have been so many theories out there. it was the russians. it was the c.i.a. it was the mob. it was everybody and their brother. did jackie ever suspect the vice president? >> i think she did. i found a letter she wrote when sh
it's a lack of interest. is that the same guy that campaigned and knew every nuance of his election, that came out of nowhere to beat hillary clinton and destroy john mccain and trounce mitt romney? if that attitude was his attitude during election and eelection, he never would have won. >> when does ignorance become gross negligence when it comes to leading our nation? a lot of people are asking at this point. >> i know jay carney and he said he learned from the news accounts and saw it on tv and stuff like that. i don't necessarily believe it. there's plausible detphaoeublt. the -- deniability. the president didn't know about it. maybe he didn't know about fast and furious, didn't know about extra security in benghazi. but how can you not know you're bugging world leaders? >> isn't that what the n.s.a. is supposed to do. i hear this sort of i don't know when i ask my boys, who put yogurt in mommy's shoe? i don't know. >> when you get caught, that's what you say. what do you think? do you think he really didn't know about those things? or is this just their way with dealing with th
avoids another election where the american people talk about theory and not implementation. >> i think it is not in his d.n.a. to say the republicans were right. they were right all along. that is what the whole government slimdown senate shutdown was about. you've got to at least delay it. of course they wanted to defund it. what's interesting about what is going on in kentucky is it looks to some as if obamacare really is medicaid. and if you're on medicaid, you know that oftentimes it is very, very hard to find a doctor. so is that the future? if that's the future, it's not what we -- >> you said maybe the president, it's not in his d.n.a. listen to one senate democrat, joe manchin, on what bothers him about this program. not the implementation of the website. listen. >> we have a bipartisan group which we've had before when the shutdown, to get it back open. seven republicans, six democrats and an independent. nobody should be forced to buy a policy that costs more than what they had and is inferior to what they had. >> oops, that's what a republican has been saying and that's what
is the senior vice president of c.g.i. she was a political donor. she gave apparently $500 in 2012 election and another $1,000 to the victory fund. >> now everyone is running with that story but the daily caller was the first to have it yesterday. no one is deflying -- denying it. they were also at the christmas parties for the obamas. >> i think we were at the same party. >> really? three years ago? >> i've been one time. it's eight minutes now after the top of the hour. she's in studio e now with the headlines. >> good morning. i hope you're to have a great day. coming out of the state of arizona, a blinding dust storm leads to a massive pileup killing three people and injuring dozens more. this happening on arizona interstate i-10 between phoenix and tucson. take a look at this mangled mess. 19 vehicles, including cars, trucks and even a motor home, were all caught up in this mayhem. >> it was a chain reaction. that last tractor was driving pretty fast. he just pushed everybody over into me off to the side of the road. car after car, truck after truck, boom, boom, boom. >> it is not unco
on the cardinals and papal conclave that elected pope francis will be the last straw for most americans. there is no legitimate national security or intelligence value to doing that. it's a highly secretive place. think of it this way. the american cardinals are expressly protected by the first amendment because of the church rules of privacy and secrecy, which the american government cannot interfere with. >> why are you assuming the president doesn't know about this? why do you think it's an agency that's on its own? >> if the president knows about it and permits it, he has a great deal of explaining to do not only to american catholics but to the pope himself who is the head of a foreign country as well as the head of the roman catholic church and to americans at large about why the n.s.a. is spying so indiscriminately. if the president doesn't know about it, then he's got a rogue organization working in the executive branch that he can't control. i don't know which is worse, that he knows about it and permits it and is not telling us or that he doesn't know about it and they're out
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5